Mihara Seiki Co., Ltd.

Achieving high quality with technological capabilities fostered for 66 years!

We have been manufacturing industrial parts since our foundation.
It has been 66 years of sharing this "know-how" and "experience" and passing it on to the next generation.
Everyone is committed to professionalism to maintain "high quality".


We have installed a number of the latest high-efficiency machinery to respond to the needs of customers,
We perform high-precision, high-quality product manufacturing that can respond to the needs of the era, speedying up of work and reducing the costs.
We aim for detailed and high value-added product processing from both the software and hardware in the era of product diversification and high precision.

Power steering componentsWe manufacture torsion bars for power steering components as our main products.

Multi-product small lot + precision machined parts.It can also handle the production of many kinds of small lots.